Over a century ago my grandfather along with his brothers began Faingold Studios in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Over the years there have been many changes in photography. However; one thing has remained constant. A photograph is still a treasured memento that helps preserve memories for generations.

Working with my father taught me to be very versatile as a photographer, whether it be portraits, weddings, schools, conventions or groups. I enjoy working in all types of photography.

My father Bernie moved west with the army during WWII and was stationed in Cheyenne, Wyoming. There he met my mother and together they owned and operated Faingold Studios until moving to Denver, Colorado in the early1960’s. Having their studio in the Denver Hilton Hotel opened their doors to photographing some of the most important political figures and Hollywood celebrities of the last century including Dr. Martin Luther King, among others. My father gained international recognition and, received numerous awards for his portraiture. Having a studio in a major hotel also required my father to become more versatile as a photographer. Not only did Dad excel in portraiture but, he took on reunion, convention and event photography.

Growing up in the industry I started like many other sons by sweeping the floors, and taking out the trash of my father’s darkroom. I also had the arduous task (or so I thought) of lugging my fathers’ equipment to weddings and other assignments. At age 17 I received a scholarship to the Winnona School of Professional Photography. After completing my Liberal Arts degree from Regis College of Denver I joined the family business.